Water drainage system: Signs your property needs a…

Bentley | February 4, 2019 | 0

Water drainage system—what do you know about yours?

You might not know it, but you probably need to install a newer and more reliable system.

Signs you need a newer, better water drainage system

  • You start to smell something weird.
  • It drains slowly.
  • There are water stains in the basement.
  • You hear weird noises like gurgling.
  • Your water bill has suddenly spiked.
  • You notice cracks on your foundation.
  • You notice mildew, flaking, and deposits.
  • You observe water stains on the basement.
  • Your garden soil or yard is getting too soggy.
  • Wild animals start to hang around your garden or yard.

So, what should you do about your water drainage?

It’s probably time for you to fix it—even better, replace it. And what better way to do it than to hire specialists?

In Australia, experts from the Everhard Industries have been providing residential and commercial wastewater solutions for a long time now.

They even have a DIY easy-installation water drainage kit, called the EasyDRAIN™ Channel & Grate.

Quite amazing, right? Who would have thought about setting up a water drainage system could be possible on your own?

Indeed, it is—given that you rely on a provider like Everhard.

Your best option for a water drainage system

Here are things you should know about the EasyDRAIN™ Channel & Grate.

  • Assemble in just a few clicks. With its interlocking technology, you will not have any difficulties assembling the 1m-3m grate.
  • Best product for homes. Do you have a pool or a small garden? EasyDRAIN™ will do the job effectively.
  • Suitable for beach areas. Even better, if you live near the coastal area, you can rely on EasyDRAIN™—it can handle saltwater!
  • Easy cutting and rejoining. Its 200mm paver-length segments enable you to cut and rejoin it with a converter with no hassle.
  • Shallow 80mm profile. Does it rarely rain in your area? The EasyDRAIN™ COMPACT is optimal for low water flow regions.
  • Keeps water flow to a minimum. You can depend on it for reliable distribution of water away from places surrounding your property.

More tips about taking care of your drainage

Now that you know about a wonderful system such as EasyDRAIN™, here is how you can maintain its effectiveness.

  • To prevent blockages, use a drain cleaner solution and boiling water regularly.
  • Contact specialists if you notice a pooling of water. Don’t attempt to fix it. Same goes to any wastewater system.
  • Ensure the gutters are properly attached to avoid overflowing.
  • Make sure to seal or reseal the joints with a sealant to avoid leaking.
  • When washing your furbabies, filter their fur by putting a cloth over the shower drain.
  • Use a drain guard to prevent your hair or debris from washing down the drain.

In a nutshell…

Taking care of your water drainage systems starts with preventative actions.

It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome system—if you’re careless, it will still fail you.

More importantly, trust a professional.

For reliable service, do not forget to check out Everhard Industries.

Being a 91-year-old specialising firm in the field, they are beyond equipped to provide solutions to your property’s drainage.

Everhard’s edge lies in pinpointing the clients’ needs and providing the ideal solution.

With this knowledge and practical experience, they can guarantee fast and no-fuss solutions.

Visit https://www.everhard.com.au/category/drainage/surface-water-drainage-domestic/easydrain-channel-grate/ today and check out other products like laundry drawers.