How to choose an aged care placement consultant

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For our elderly loved ones who are unable to live on their own anymore, moving to an aged care facility is often the best option. Compared to living at home, aged care facilities have round-the-clock staff that are trained to take care of your loved one. They are also better-equipped and complete with nurses and doctors on call. However, finding the right facility can be time-consuming, especially for first timers. Fortunately, there are aged care placement consultants who will help you every step of the way.


Aged Care Placement



Before choosing a placement consultant, consider these factors first:

Why should you hire an aged care placement consultant?

When our loved ones require special care that family members can’t simply provide, an aged care facility is a sensible option. However, the process of breaking the news to your loved one, finding a facility, and arranging the necessary documents can be straining. This is especially challenging for first-time clients. This is where consultants come in helpful for you. Australian residents can find plenty of consultants specialising in nursing home placement Brisbane offers.

What do aged care placement consultants do?

For busy or first-time clients, aged care placement consultants can be of tremendous help when looking for an aged care facility. These are the following steps that placement consultants conduct when finding a facility for you:

Meeting with you – First, placement consultants will meet with you and your family. They will get to know your needs, goals, and lifestyle. They will also explain how aged care facilities work and the best type for your loved one.

Shortlisting and viewing – The best thing about aged care placement consultants is that they have an extensive list of aged care facilities that they can easily contact. They can shortlist the best facilities and arrange viewings or site visits with you.

Application process – Once you have chosen the facility that you prefer the most, they will assist you with the application process. Placement consultants will help you organise papers and government assessments.

How to choose an aged care placement consultant

If you live in Australia, finding a consultant shouldn’t be difficult since there are plenty of them. But not all aged care placement consultants Brisbane offers are equal. The consultants you choose should at least have the following:

Extensive aged care facility listings – You’d want a wide range of options to choose from. A placement consultant should cover a broad range of facilities and services so you can select the best for your loved one.

Financial and planning expertise – The financial matters and planning involved in moving to an aged care facility can be complex. A placement consultant with the expertise in these matters will help you with this.

Constant availability – You’d want a placement consultant who is always available even outside of office hours. Deciding to live in a nursing home placement might happen abruptly, so it’s important that they are constantly available for you.

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