Welcome to harrington consulting group, inc

Bentley | November 19, 2018 | 0 | Consulting

We offer consulting services to improve service delivery systems that are dependent upon contact center operations. Driving customer retention and loyalty through service delivery excellence is the basis of this model, as is the system’s contribution to the strategic goals of the organization. We provide the bench strength that is required to build and improve this core component of our client’s business.

harrington consulting group, inc.

has at its center a core group of senior professionals who represent the best in call center operations and service delivery expertise. Together they have over fifty years of service delivery operations experience in diverse industries and applications, that is applied successfully to our clients’ business situations. Surrounding this core group is a consortium of company-certified operations, technology and human resource consultants who complete the round table of seasoned skills needed to effectively address our client’s challenges. For additional details, check out consulting services offered by audit firms.

harrington consulting group, inc.

strives to become the partner of choice for a select clientele who understand the value of the customer relationship and are committed to providing service as a key contributor to their competitive advantage.

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